Hi, I’m Melissa (Lincoln) Burroughs, and I’m a software product marketer. I’m located in Orange County, California, and I have about eight years’ experience in hi-tech and digital marketing.

I help technology tell stories and businesses build products that matter. See the Publications page for examples of my work.

I also poach a mean egg. But that’s another blog.

Why I’m Here

As I remarked in my first post, this blog shares what I’ve learned throughout my pursuit of product marketing. I hope you can benefit from my experiences and mistakes. I also hope you’ll engage in this professional learning journey with me.

I focus on how-to and skill development. While I write from a product marketing perspective, many tips and techniques are applicable for any corporate professional.

Posting Schedule

For a while there I was posting a new article every other Monday morning (Pacific Time). Then I joined a start-up, moved to SoCal, and hung out my own shingle. Now I post at totally random intervals.

If you’d like to get these posts hot-off-the-press, please type your email address under “Get fresh posts straight to your inbox” on the right-hand side and click Stay In The Know.

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