The Foolproof Way to Memorize a Speech or Presentation

Win at memorizing your talk by setting aside enough time and using the “necklace technique.”

(8m reading time)

We’ve covered how to build most of the auditory and visual foundations you’ll need to help you memorize a talk. These tools have helped me absorb lengthy and complex presentations. Let’s find out how.

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Tips for Better Public Speaking

Public speaking is a top self-reported fear. Here’s how I learned to cope with and even enjoy it.

(5m reading time)

Public speaking is one of the top self-reported fears worldwide. I started off scared, too. Here’s how I learned to successfully cope with and even enjoy it.

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The Adventure Begins

This blog shares my product marketing knowledge. I write for young professionals’ benefit and to solidify my own skills.

(1m reading time)

I should’ve started a blog years ago. I thought about it. I intended to. But the internet was already so stuffed with everybody’s articles, blogs, and opinions—how would mine be any different? How would I add value and avoid just adding to the noise?

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