A New Feature’s Commercial Plan: Steps 3 – 5

Knowing the customer and how they see the feature will shape my message.

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In this series I discuss feature launch announcements. In the first post I covered the feature-owner interview and introduced the Big Picture Framework (“the framework”). In the second post I stepped through the framework’s first, critical elements and how they guide the interview. In this post I talk about how to pull all-important value proposition out of the interview.

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A New Feature’s Commercial Plan: Steps 1 and 2

Understanding the business goal helps me figure out the core value of the feature I need to highlight.

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In the first post in this series I talked about the under-appreciated power of good feature launch announcements. I also put money on an interview with the upcoming feature’s owner as the best place to get information for those announcements. Finally, I touched upon the Big Picture Framework for constructing a go-to-market strategy. In this post we dive into how the Big Picture Framework drives a killer feature-owner interview.

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6 Simple Steps to a New Feature’s Commercial Plan

A technique for writing a better feature launch announcement, which ensures I catch hidden value, even in mundane-looking features.

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When a company releases an update to its software that includes a new feature, it’s up to the product marketer to figure out whether, when, and how to tell the world about it. Every marketer has their own approach, and for some, experience boils this down to instinct. As I work to build my own instincts, I learn new techniques. Check out what I picked up recently.

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Your Next Big Presentation Needs Insurance

Insurance for presentation success is: safety nets, hybrid memorization, and good old-fashioned rehearsal.

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In this public speaking series I’ve been talking about how I prepare myself to deliver a challenging or lengthy talk. I’m usually sitting pretty if I prime my memory and memorize the foolproof way. However, acing an important presentation may need more than just getting the material into my head. When the stakes are high or the circumstances unfavorable, I take out insurance.

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